From the Purse Of: Evil Queen

As the original Disney Villain, the Evil Queen set the standard for all future Disney baddies with her wicked style. Seriously, who else could pull off a high collar and cape with ease, while in pursuit of being the fairest of them all? No other villain we know, that’s for sure. That’s why we decided it was high time we imagined a modern day purse for this Evil Queen, one that was truly worthy of her royal status.

When we spotted this asymmetrical crossbody bag, the detail on it immediately struck us as something the Evil Queen would possibly like. To give the purse a little more flair, this peacock charm from Kate Spade is the perfect nod to her regal throne at her castle. And for when she’s on the go and needs a magic mirror, this beautiful, detailed compact is the ideal substitute.

Beyond her perfectly arched eyebrows, the Evil Queen’s other signature beauty staple is her eyeliner. So, we included a liquid eyeliner that she can take for touch ups. If she’s in need of a spell, this embossed leather journal is just the place to write down any incantations. And in case she needs any extra accessories, a pin shaped like the heart box and a crown necklace are truly fit for evil royalty.

What do you imagine would be in the Evil Queen’s purse? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 3 years Ago
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