New Items Added to the Unique Vintage Happiest Collection on Earth

Two months ago, we were introduced to the cutest online vintage fashion shop Unique Vintage when they released their ‘Happiest Collection on Earth’. The collection features mix and match basics curated to make a perfect DisneyBound. Well now the collection has grown as they’ve introduced new characters just in time for Halloween.

One of our favorite outfits from the collection are these inspired looks of Sally and Jack Skellington. These fall outfits are easy to wear day to day or for a dressed down Halloween party.


While Ariel and Ursula are far from friendly in The Little Mermaid, we love these two looks for two close friends. While Ariel’s look is more modern, Ursula’s look puts a vintage spin on the sea diva. Each also wears a shell-shaped pin with “I’m Really a Mermaid” or “I’m Really a Seawitch” to really tie the outfits together.


We love this black maxi wrap dress to mimic the long black cloak Maleficent wears. Pair the dress with a dash of purple to achieve this edgy inspired look.

Queen of Hearts DisneyBound is one of our absolute favorites. We love the red A-line dress and heart-shaped accessories that Unique Vintage carries, but the real deal breaker is that White Rabbit plush handbag.

Of course, it’s not easy finding Cheshire Cat’s purple and fuchsia pink colors, but when they’re together, it’s hard to think of anything else.

Check out Unique Vintage for more from their Happiest Collection on Earth and be sure to tag @DisneyStyle to show us your final looks!

Posted 4 years Ago
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