You Pretty Much Need These 14 Bags to Complete Your DisneyBound

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Fashion has gone kitschy! There are an overwhelming number of novelty bags hitting stores and street style fashion. We’re talking bags in the shape of telephones, soda cans, popcorn—you name it. Brands like Kate Spade, Moschino, and Betsey Johnson are in on the fun, with statement bags that, quite literally, make a statement. But as we know now, what is fashion novelty is DisneyBound gold!

According to Leslie Kay, founder of DisneyBound, the best way to accessorize your inspired look is “with items the character might come into contact with or that are part of their storyline.” For example, many who have DisneyBounded as Ariel have worn a shell-shaped bag, but there are far more options to choose from now. These are some of our favorite handbags that are everything you need to complete the perfect DisneyBound:

Who will you be DisneyBounding as next? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 3 years Ago
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