This Online Store Is a DisneyBounder’s Dream Come True

Attention, DisneyBounders!

Online fashion store Unique Vintage just made your DisneyBounding dreams a reality with what they’re calling “The Happiest Collection on Earth.” The collection includes head-to-toe looks inspired by some of your favorite Disney characters, including Snow White, Ariel, Mary Poppins and Minnie Mouse. You can find everything from teacup and card suit earrings to a dinglehopper pin and Cinderella choker. Plus, if you’re missing one color in your DisneyBound outfit, they have tons of solid clothing pieces to fix that issue.

Follow these simple tips from DisneyBound founder Leslie Kay, and complete your look with these fun pieces from Unique Vintage!

Out_0609U copy

Alice’s socks or the White Rabbit’s clock—whatever you need to complete your outfit, they’ve got it! Out_477U copyOut_043_snowU

Cinderella’s choker necklace set a trend that’s minimalist and easy-to-wear. We love this one, which has a single pearl at the center. Out_1304U copy

Give your Mary Poppins look a summer feel with these high-waisted blue shorts. Out_1082U copyOut_906_belleU copy

We love this turquoise green skirt and shell top for a day at the Parks. All you need is a shell-shaped crossbody bag, but of course, Unique Vintage has already thought of that. ariel unique vintage

We always want to see your #DisneyBound looks! Be sure to use #DisneyStyle to show us!

Posted 2 years Ago
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