We’ve Fallen for the New D/Style Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection

Between the new Minnie Mouse Collection, the ice cream Tsums, and the adorable new bags, there’s been plenty about the new D/Style lines to obsess over.

With Alice Through the Looking Glass set to release on Friday, a new D/Style collection has arrived just in time and we’ve fallen for it. Hard. Inspired by all our favorite characters and key elements from the film, this collection features accessories perfect for prepping a mad tea party or simply carrying a little piece of Underland with you anywhere you go.


Not only is this gear-coated phone case as subtle as it is cute, the pocket watch charm is a perfect reminder of our favorite White Rabbit.


The White Rabbit also features prominently on this gold compact mirror. We’re big fans of its intricate detailing.


Want an accessory as quirky and unique as the Mad Hatter? Look no further than this eclectic necklace, coated in baubles and charms inspired by the man himself.


The Chronosphere features prominently in Alice Through the Looking Glass. This timeless accessory is modeled after the one in the film. It’s inner sphere even rotates!

Are you as excited about this new collection as we are? Tell us in the comments and make sure to visit shopDisney for more.


Posted 4 years Ago
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