You Won’t Be Scared To Have These Monsters (Purses) In Your Closet

The world of Monsters, Inc. always fascinated us when we were kids. The idea that our closet were a portal to the monster world had us shutting and opening our doors a few times just to see if any monsters would appear. Now, Monstropolis is coming to life in a new way with the Disney Pixar for LeSportsac collection.

From backpacks to makeup cases, this new line features exclusive concept artwork of Academy Award Winner Harley Jessup, a production designer at Pixar who worked on Monsters, Inc., Ratatouille, Cars 2 and the short, Presto. The print shows off monsters in the big city, and features nods to some of our favorite characters including Roz the Musical!, and Screamgirls starring Celia Mae. See some of our favorites below and be sure to check out the full collection on LeSportsac.com.


Posted 6 years Ago
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