Earth Day Sustainable Accessories

Happy Earth Day! Today is all about going green for the betterment of Mother Nature, so we decided to go green too… fashion-wise that is.  There are great designers out there who are doing their part for the earth by creating sustainable fashion. We picked a few of our favorite stylish designs that use unique, natural materials.

This hand woven scarf by Nepali is made using all natural fibers by women in a small village in Nepal. Nepali uses their profits to help support the women and assist with breaking the cycle of poverty.

The sunglasses by Panda are made from all-natural bamboo–for every pair purchased, another pair of glasses is given to someone in need. Sprout Watches uses different sustainable materials like cork, biodegradable corn resin, and recycled fibers to make their nature-friendly watches.

The backpack by Soul Flower, is created from recycled bicycle tire tubes. Handcrafted in Uganda by artisans, 31Bits uses recycled paper for the beads of their necklaces. They then use proceeds to help support the women artisans who make the jewelry.


Earth Day Accessories

Posted 6 years Ago
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