There Are Ariel Accessories Out There That We Want

Back in 1989, we watched a little film called The Little Mermaid, and we were never the same again. After that, we were all about giant shelf bangs, snarfblats, gadgets, knick knacks, and mermaids in general. We sang “Part of Your World” at the top of our lungs, for better or worse. Now, we’re all grown up, but that doesn’t mean our love of the film, or Prince Eric, has subsided. Luckily, there are fashion-sensible, culturally acceptable ways to show our love of The Little Mermaid without being too costume-y or overt. Here’s our Ariel roundup.


Ariel shirts

From top: cropped Ariel tee, Ariel sparkle tee, and Varsity Ariel tee all from Delias.


The Little Mermaid Accessories

From left to right: backpack from Wet Seal, Eric and Ariel silhouette earrings from Hot Topic, The Little Mermaid minimalist poster from Target


The Little Mermaid Cothes

From left to right: Ariel and Eric sweatshirt from Hot Topic, The Little Mermaid skater dress from Wet Seal, Ariel contract sleeveless tee from Hot Topic

Posted 6 years Ago
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