Bambi Is Really Having a Moment

It seems every time we’re cruising our favorite fashion blogs and designers’ sites, everyone has some new item featuring Bambi. There is literally a Bambi item for every occasion: bandage skirts, vintage shirts, leather clutches; the list goes on. We’re not sure if it began with the Givenchy mish/mash print that uses an image of Bambi, which wound up on shirts, dresses, sweaters, even an elegant little clutch, or if it began with cute shirts from the Park, but this adorable little deer seems to be everywhere.

Here are some of our favorite items that we’ve found so far. Let’s all hope that Thumper is the next muse for a major label so we can express our Thumper love, stylishly.


Black and white shirt by Old Navy, bandage skirt by Hot Topic, leather clutch by Givenchy, backpack by Hot Topic, long-sleeved shirt by Zara, black dolman top by Junk Food

Posted 6 years Ago
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