The Best Accessories From Forever 21 + Mickey & Co.

This line is packed with things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them… like Mickey Mouse high top sneakers. How did you go your whole life until now without them? Who knows.

Mickey and Co. at Forever 21


And these suspenders. Suddenly, we feel like belts are no longer sufficient for holding our pants in place–probably have to start wearing these adorable Mickey suspenders.

Forever 21 + Mickey & Co.

We just realized how necessary legwarmers, specifically striped Mickey leg warmers, are for this winter season.
Forever 21 + Mickey & Co.

And the crown jewel of this line’s accessories offerings: the Mickey and friends fanny pack. It’s functional, it’s sort of retro, it’s perfect for trips to Disneyland, or really anywhere, because it has all of these adorable smiling faces.
Forever 21 + Mickey & Co.

Make sure to check out the entire line, exclusively at Forever 21.

Posted 7 years Ago
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