Rachel Burke has designed the most fabulous collection inspired by The Little Mermaid and Ariel gets the tinsel treatment

Add a bit of sparkle to your life.

Aussie designer Rachel Burke is the creative force who has redefined fashion with her fantastical tinsel garments. Scrolling her Instagram is like stepping into a dream and you can’t help but fall in love with her outrageously gorgeous styles. Filled with tulle, tinsel and sparkle she’s the up-and-coming designer who is taking the world by storm with her avant-garde looks.

To our excitement, the Brisbane-based artist and designer has bought her glittery aesthetic to a beloved Disney classic The Little Mermaid just in time for the film’s 30th anniversary, and we could not be more ecstatic about it! Teaming up with Broadsheet and Disney, Burke’s collection features her trademark tinsel jacket and dresses in dreamy aquas and teals and a rather eccentric fork flower crown – we could totally rock this look at Splendour…just saying.


Burke told Broadsheet that the collection is inspired by Ariel and Eric’s wedding. “I kind of wanted to imagine what Ariel and all the other characters might wear to a wedding reception.”

While she took inspiration from all the characters, Burke resonates with Ariel’s journey of finding her voice.

“This whole idea of Ariel finding her voice in the film is a concept that really resonates with me because throughout my own creative journey, it has been a bit of a battle sometimes to find my own voice, to find my own creative vision and to be able to have the bravery to bring it out and to wear it out in public.”

“In a way my own journey has been a journey of finding my voice and I really connect with Ariel in that way.”

Just like Ariel, Burke is all about rule breaking and pushing boundaries – albeit in a fashion sense.

“What I love about Ariel is that she’s all about making the impossible possible. She’s setting a dream, she’s setting a goal, she’s going for it.”

Burke’s collection will be displayed at Hammer Hall in Melbourne between September 6 and 7.


Posted 11 months Ago
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