Channel Your Inner Comfy Princess With New Ralph Breaks the Internet Arrivals at shopDisney

Vanellope has always been a princess after our own hearts because she prefers all things comfort over ball gowns. And when Vanellope meets the Disney Princess avatars in Ralph Breaks the Internet (which is in theaters November 21!),  she teaches the Princesses a thing or two about the art of comfortable dressing. In fact, shopDisney has turned some of those comfy Princess outfits into new pieces that we can wear IRL, and yes, we definitely need them all.

If you want to lounge like Ariel and Aurora, you can find two pajama sets inspired by their looks in the film.

 You can also find the tees that look just like what Snow White, Tiana, and Belle wear in the film, along with Merida’s “Mum” flannel shirt, and Elsa’s sweatshirt emblazoned with “Just Let It Go.”

If you’re looking for more ways to show off your love for Vanellope and all things Disney Princess, there are tees and tanks that feature everyone’s favorite Sugar Rush racer alongside different Princesses.

Who is planning to wear their comfy Princess outfits to the theaters when they see Ralph Breaks the Internet? You know we definitely are.

Posted 1 year Ago
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