Shut Up! Shut Up! This Princess Diaries Group Halloween Costume is So Good

Consider all other costumes “royally flushed” because stupid cupid just found a way to our Princess Diaries-obsessed hearts! For Mickey’s Halloween Party this year, one of our editors and her friends put together a group Halloween costume that we love. As Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia, glided through the Disneyland Resort, she was followed by her friends Lilly and Michael Moskovitz, nemesis cheerleader Lana, and her pre-makeover self.

princess diaries group halloween costume

From Mia’s frizzy hair to Lilly’s plush otter backpack, the group recreated their character’s 2001 style from the film, with Mia in her Princess gown to tie it all together.

princess diaries group halloween costumeprincess diaries group halloween costumeSo if you’re still looking for that next great idea for your Halloween costume this year, trust us, this is one that will have everyone saying, “Lana got coned! Lana got coned!”

Now, cue the music:


Posted 1 year Ago
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