This New Ralph Breaks the Internet Sneak Peek Has More Comfy Princess Looks and We Love Them All

In the first trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet, we got to see Vanellope meet the Disney Princesses inside Oh My Disney, and of course, we totally lost our cool. Our favorite ladies meeting our favorite Sugar Rush racer/princess/president?! Thank goodness for the Internet and this story for bringing them together.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s a new sneak peek for the film and we at Disney Style have collectively lost our chill over the latest look at Vanellope and the Disney Princesses. Three words: Comfy. Princess. Looks.

Yes, let’s go ahead and break this down a bit. Vanellope has always had laid-back princess vibes, so to see the Princess avatars in comfy clothes is a Disney style dream come true. The Princesses are definitely fans of graphic tees, which we totally love. Phrases like “Nap Queen” (Aurora), “Just Let It Go” (Elsa), and “#Shiny” (Moana) are for sure some of our faves. We are also obsessed with Merida’s flannel and mum bear tee combo. And, how can we forget Tiana’s sweet NOLA off-the-shoulder tee and Anna’s sandwich shirt? These outfits are the best.

Also, did you notice the suns on Rapunzel’s leggings? Or Mulan’s dragon jacket that we saw in the new still?!  Seriously, we can’t handle how amazing these looks are and we can’t wait to see more when Ralph Breaks the Internet is in theaters November 21.

Which comfy Princess look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


Posted 2 years Ago
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