Minnie Mouse Visited the Instagram Office on Her Journey to New York Fashion Week

Yesterday, the Instagram office got quite a surprise when one of fashion’s most iconic stars arrived. Minnie Mouse popped in for a meeting with Head of Fashion Partnerships and style icon herself, Eva Chen, on her big adventure to New York Fashion Week. minnie at instagram officeWhile Minnie is already a star on Instagram, she had a quick training session from the pro. Of course, at fashion week, you have to know how to take the perfect Instagram selfie, so Eva made sure Minnie had the skills she’ll need. Minnie at Instagram OfficeMinnie also got to tour the miNY room (a suitable name on all accounts) at Instagram HQ, where many celebrities and other fashion influencers have been photographed. Needless to say, she stole the spotlight! Minnie at Instagram OfficeMinnie Mouse has been all over Manhattan. Be sure to follow along on Minnie’s big journey to New York Fashion Week on Instagram at @disneystyle!

Posted 2 years Ago
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