Ashley Eckstein’s Cinderella Dress From San Diego Comic-Con Is a Dream Come True

For the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con, Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein dons her own one-of-a-kind geek couture gowns. From a Black Widow-inspired dress to a gown made entirely from Legos, Eckstein always has something new for fashion fans, show after show.

This year, Eckstein and her friend, designer Andrew MacLaine, were inspired to create a gown that combined the spirit of the Her Universe Fashion Show with one of Eckstein’s favorite Disney Princesses, Cinderella. We were with Eckstein and MacLaine at their first and only fitting—since MacLaine had just three days to create the dress! Like Cinderella’s story, this dress is all about dreams coming true, and we loved finding out more from Eckstein and MacLaine on how it came to be.

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Posted 3 years Ago
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