Poll: Which Mabel Pines Sweater Should We Make IRL?

Even if you haven’t seen Gravity Falls, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Mabel Pines, one of the show’s leads. And if you’ve heard of Mabel Pines, you’ve definitely heard of her sweaters. Over 100 of these cheerful and delightfully strange pullovers appear on the show, accompanying Mabel and her brother on their summer adventures through Gravity Falls.

Though the show aired its final episode earlier this year, our love for Gravity Falls is alive and well. Gearing up for Oh My Disney’s “Farewell to Falls” Gravity Falls Art Show, we’ve decided to pay our own homage to the show’s boldest fashionista with a DIY. With so many sweaters to choose from, however, we could hardly decide which to make on our own. We’ve narrowed it down to five quirky options and now need your help to make the final call.

Mabel Pines Sweaters

Are you a fan of the shooting star design? Or perhaps you’re partial to fuzzy llamas? Let us know by voting below:

Voting ends Monday at noon PST. Share this poll with friends to make sure your favorite design gets chosen, and check in next week to see the final result!

Posted 4 years Ago
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