This Four-Year-Old Is Already an Expert at Disney Style

When I was four-years-old, the coolest outfit I wore to Disneyland was my favorite Disney Princess T-shirt of the moment (most likely my Snow White one), a pair of bike shorts, and a sweet scrunchie. Sure, it was the ’90s, but I’ll be the first to admit that my formative years weren’t always the most fashionable.

The other day though, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, and came across the cutest four-year-old, Zooey of @zooeyinthecity. Her Instagram is chock-full of her on-point outfits that could easily be worn by some of our favorite street style stars. Taking after her fashionable parents, Zooey shows off her playful style on all of her adventures, including her visits to the Happiest Place on Earth. If you’ve ever found yourself in the “Mickey shirt and shorts” rut, then take a cue from Zooey and add some whimsy and style to your next Parks outfit.

People tend to shy away from wearing dresses at the Park, but with Converse and a sweet pair of sunnies, you’ll be cool all day long like Zooey.
Mickey ears really never go out of style.
The best accessory is definitely a BB-8 sipper.
We love that Zooey paired her classic Mickey tee with a skirt and plaid button down. Sometimes, all you need is a Disney-inspired pin to complete your outfit.
How often do you match your decor to the wall you’ll take your OOTD in front of? That’s the kind of next-level styling that we can definitely get behind. Actually, we think we’re going to match our Minnie ears to our outfits more often.
Zooey proves that #MinnieStyle can be effortless with a pair of Minnie ears and a black and white dress.

Posted 4 years Ago
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