7 Memorable Fashion Moments from The Sword in the Stone

Thinking back on the whimsical adventure that is The Sword in the Stone, you’re likely to remember the magic scenes, the jokes, and Merlin’s wily antics; the fashion, however? Maybe less so. After re-visiting the film, we think that should change. Though set in medieval England, the film hardly let its time period limit its artistic scope, resulting in a handful of fashion moments deserving of commemoration. From more conventional hunting outfits to Merlin’s hip vacation wear, we’ve rounded up our favorites.

1. Wart and Kay’s terrific tunic twinning

Sword in the Stone - Hunting 1

Arthur, known as “Wart” to his foster family, and Kay may not have the best sibling relationship, but you’d hardly be able to tell judging from their matching shoes and coordinated tights and tunics. We’re especially fond of Kay’s forest green ensemble, an outfit that subtly reminds us of Robin Hood, yet another medieval Disney film.

2. Merlin giving us serious bag envy

Sword in the Stone - Merlin Purse

What wouldn’t we give for a purse like Merlin’s? Cute, compact, and magically able to hold all his worldly possessions, it’s the stuff of style-lovers’ dreams. Just think of all the other purses you could fit in it! We’d definitely stuff the entire new Disney x Coach line in there.

3. Merlin nailing the pom-trend…

Sword in the Stone - Merlin's Beard

Whether they’re on purse charms or shoe clips, pom poms have been experiencing something of a comeback. In The Sword and the Stone, it seems Merlin briefly and inadvertently found a way to re-imagine this popular accessory as a facial hair style.

4. …and proving even squirrels can look stylish

Sword in the Stone - Squirrel

We had to pay special homage to Merlin’s squirrel transformation. Even when transfiguring himself into an animal, Merlin commits to his signature mustache-and-round-glasses combination, earning him ultimate style credibility.

5. Mim making her most stylish transformation of all

Sword in the Stone - Mim

Speaking of transformations, we had nearly forgotten about Madam Mim’s brief transformation into a stylish young woman. Rocking a midi skirt, purple tank, magenta lips, a pastel shade of hair and the longest of lashes, we think we can all agree that this look is just a smidgen more fashion forward than her transformation into a dragon.

6. Merlin surprising us all with his Bermuda apparel

Sword in the Stone - Merlin Bermuda

We’re not ashamed to admit that this is the outfit that inspired this post. Here, Merlin ditches his glasses and hat for hip shades and a cap, slips into a pair of Chuck Taylors, and boldly mixes striped and tropical patterns in the brightest-of-bright tones. If this movie hadn’t come out over forty years ago, we’d have guessed he read up on how to nail festival fashion.

7. Arthur pairing an oversized sweater and scarf

Sword in the Stone - Final

Arthur proves his right to the throne by effortlessly pulling the eponymous sword from the stone. He proves his style regality by wearing one of our favorite winter combinations— boots, leggings, and an oversized sweater and scarf. We can’t wait for cooler weather so that we can test this outfit out.

What fashion moments do you remember from the film? Let us know!

Posted 4 years Ago
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