You Have To See This Awesome Finding Nemo Cosplay

As one of the lucky few invited to attend an early screening of Finding Dory, cosplayer extraordinaire Lyz Brickley expressed her excitement over the film in a fitting way—by creating an ensemble styled to resemble the jellyfish depicted in the undersea world of Dory, Marlin, and Nemo. “The jellyfish in Finding Nemo are so pretty,” Brickley explained. “I loved the idea of making an outfit inspired by them.”

Lyz Brickley as a Jellyfish for Finding Dory screening

A shimmering mix of purple shades, Brickley’s captivating jellyfish outfit took a little under a week to create. “I decided a dress would be a fun way to replicate the jelly shape and tentacles,” she said. “I had so much fun picking out all the sparkly materials and figuring out how to make it light up.” Brickley used a prom dress as the base of the outfit, and then made a bubble skirt out of iridescent fabric, along with a matching hat. To create the tentacles, she added strips of sparkle ribbons and lavender petal trim. “Then I hand-sewed LED string lights underneath the skirt and hat to make them glow,” Brickley explained.  

Lyz Brickley puckering with a Finding Dory plush

As for future Disney cosplay, Brickley said that she’d love to try her hand at putting together an Anna look from Frozen. “I just need an Elsa!”

Posted 3 years Ago
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