9 Fashion Observations We Had While Watching Enchanted

The other day, I let slip to one of our editors that I had never seen Enchanted, adding that I meant to check it out “sometime”—modern code for “some undetermined future that, more often than not, means never.” At her insistence, I made more concrete plans and I am so glad I did. A live-action interpretation of classic Disney animated films, Enchanted was fun, funny, and plenty fashionable.

With its larger-than-life princess hair, homemade dresses, and stylish accessories, Enchanted inspired some style-related note taking. Scroll through for fashion observations, presented in no particular order :

1. Ball gowns IRL would be super inconvenient.

Enchanted Observations - Huge Dress

Can you imagine walking around a packed city in one of these? The fact that it’s bright-white—and thus easier to get dirty—makes it an even more intimidating feat.

2. Sleeves should be at least double the size of your head.

Enchanted Observations - Princess Sleeves

Though countless Disney characters wear large-sleeved dresses, seeing Giselle wear one in live-action forces an appreciation of just how large they are. I’m pretty sure anything that can keep them that puffy has to have magical origins.

3. Same goes for princes’ sleeves, apparently.

Enchanted Observations - Prince Sleeves copy

Prince Edward has to deal with puffy sleeves and his puffy-sleeves’ velvet coating. He may be a too much of a fairy tale prince for Giselle in the end, but his ability to pull these off earns him considerable hero points in my book.

4. Giselle has to be one of the craftiest characters in existence.

Enchanted Observations - Crafty

Did she really manage to cut those patterns without even taking the curtains down? Her eye for DIY opportunities is astounding.

5. We are in desperate need of a parasol comeback.

Enchanted Observations - Parasol

Umbrellas aren’t just for the rain. This adorable example of a parasol-in-practice inspires accessory envy.

6. This mass of balloons reminds me of UP and is my new dream accessory.Enchanted Observations - Balloons

Speaking of accessories, I can’t be the only one reminded of UP by these colorful balloons. Even though I’m aware UP came out in theaters two years after Enchanted did, I half-expected a cameo by Carl.

7. Who needs compact mirrors when you have a sword handy?

Enchanted Observations - Teeth

Though it’d likely get me strange looks in the office and certainly isn’t something I’d recommend trying at home, this use of a sword gets and A+ for ingenuity.

8. Giselle’s makeshift prince’s coat was so well designed.

Enchanted Observations - Fake Prince

It’s not every day you see a coat that’s stylish and biodegradable.

9. There seems to be a direct correlation between hair and dress volume.

Enchanted Observations - Hair Size

It’s been noted that as Giselle plunges deeper and deeper into the ‘real’ world, her dresses follow suit. The same seems to apply to her hairstyles.

Are there any fashion observations you’ve had while watching Enchanted? Share them in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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