The Real Reason Disney and Fashion Go Hand in Hand

“What do Disney and style have to do with one another?” This is a question we hear often at Disney Style, and one that you probably already know the answer too. However, to most people, Disney and fashion aren’t an expected pairing. The glue that holds style and Disney is storytelling.

Last week Disney hosted an invitation only showcase of some of its most exciting collaborative fashion and home projects at Somerset House. As part of its programme, The Business of Fashion hosted a panel discussion on ‘The Power of Storytelling’, exploring the parallels between Disney’s magical storytelling machine and the fashion industry.

Major industry leaders participated in the panel, including Sandra Choi, creative director of Jimmy Choo, Geoffroy de La Bourdonnaye, President of Chloé, and Sebastian Manes, buying and merchandising director of Selfridges. Each discussed the importance of collaborating with Disney. Because fashion is all about telling a story through a collection, and Disney is quite good at telling stories, it makes sense that the two fuse together.

Panel group image

Sebastian Manes notes that “… putting the product on the show floor is not good enough anymore,” and that customers need to be entertained. He’s right. Putting a logo on a shirt and calling it a collaboration doesn’t work anymore. There really needs to be an attractive story to it in order to make a compelling collection. The panel agrees that Disney’s “nostalgia,” “authenticity,” and character personalities make the connection between fashion and Disney simply magical.

Posted 4 years Ago
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