Our Favorite Instagrams from Walt Disney World Dapper Day

Spring is in full swing, and that means it’s time for Dapper Day at Disney Parks. Yesterday at Walt Disney World Resort, Dapper Day participants showed up looking chic and dashing in their dapper best. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite looks.

Our friend Leslie Kay of DisneyBound pulled off the perfect Caterpillar look, right down to the gloves. Her two-toned teal dress looks exactly like the Caterpillar, and we can’t get over the mushroom reference that is her purse. To complete the look, we love how the pink socks match the hair, throwing in some edge:


Of all the places to turn for Dapper Day/DisneyBound inspiration, A Goofy Movie is one of the most unlikely. Therefore, we’re super impressed with this Powerline bound that is made dapper with the help of colorful beads and vintage glam hair. We love the matching accessories and the cool kicks, which are optimal for comfort when cruising around the parks:


How adorable is this dapper couple? We love the gentleman’s bowtie (the ultimate dapper man’s statement.) We also love the lady’s springtime palette with dress, sweater, and matching shoes. The Mike Wazowski plush completes the cuteness:


We are so impressed with the details in this ensemble. First, the classy hat and veil combo lends perfectly to the dapper spirit. And can you see the pearls sewn into the collar of the ruffled blouse? Most impressive is the skirt with patterns that are a nod to our favorite police bunny from Zootopia, Judy Hopps. We know that Clawhauser would approve of the donut pattern as well:


This look is classic and comfortable. The patterned skirt gives a pop of color, and the neutral blouse and accessories complete the polished ensemble. We love the tied head scarf and the bag that looks like a rolled up newspaper, which sends us some definite Newsies vibes:


Feeling some ’70s throwback with this dapper look that might possibly be referencing Mary Blair’s infamous five-legged goat of mural fame. The colorful dress is perfectly paired with a blue headscarf and the bold white sunglasses give off a very cool vibe.


This dapper gentleman looks like he stepped right out of Alice in Wonderland. Pictured here in front of the Mad Tea Party at Walt Disney World, his colorful jacket, shirt, and bowtie fit right into the landscape. We love the striped socks, and of course no Alice-inspired ensemble would be complete without a pocket watch:


This classy lady looks like she’s ready to travel all over the world in style, or at least around Walt Disney World. We love the soft color palette and the classic white gloves and shoes. The detailed updo and hairpiece make this look positively gorgeous:


This Rapunzel-inspired look definitely gleams and glows. The purple dress and braided hair are perfectly put together, and the bag with the familiar sun emblem makes a statement. We think Rapunzel herself would love to don this ensemble:


We are feeling the ’20s vibe with this cool look. And if you look really closely, you’ll see the Stormtrooper pattern on the dress. This dapper lady has successfully pulled off a flapper ensemble, while sending a nod to Star Wars. We can only imagine she used the Force to do so:


What is your favorite Dapper Day look? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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