Wonderful Disney Costumes from WonderCon 2016

As Disney fans, we’re all about finding ways to integrate Disney into our daily life. With hairstyles, enamel pins, inspired outfits, and more, we let our love shine through in the details–excited when a friend catches a subtle reference or otherwise content with keeping our Disney style references to ourselves. A few times a year, however, the tables turn. We go all out and strive to transform into the very characters we love.
rey2Though for many of us, these fan-tastic outings are limited to Halloween, the D23 Expo, or the odd costume party, thousands were able to add this past weekend to the list, as WonderCon 2016 visited Downtown Los Angeles. Fashioning a last minute Rey costume, I loaded my BB-8 suitcase and headed over to the Convention Center myself.

Rey was definitely one of the most popular costumes at the convention. (Within an hour, I spotted both an infant and a twenty-something man rocking the three-tier bun we recently featured in a tutorial.) For my simple costume, I cuffed a pair of linen pants at my knees with elastic, folded a linen top around myself for a fitted look, and cut long strips of tan gauze for the vest and sleeves. Using a method similar to our fanny pack DIY, I made a convenient pouch inspired by Rey’s bag, added some ankle boots, and was set to rep’ Jakku!

It’d be impossible to catalogue all of the weekend’s amazing costumes, but I picked out a few of my Disney favorites.

First up, these beautiful Lady Tremaine and Lottie costumes by cosplayers Lena and Victoria.

Lady Tremaine and Lottie Costumes

Though we couldn’t imagine two Disney ladies less alike, they’re a puffy sleeve dream team. The rich fabrics and lace details on these homemade dresses were especially beautiful.

Elsa and Anna made an appearance as well, donning braids galore and an impressive amount of sequins.

Elsa and Anna Costumes

These fans proved that love for Disney is timeless, dressed as characters from Disney’s first feature film to its latest. Snow White and Bo Peep wore dresses that looked straight out of the films, and we all felt safer knowing we had a sheriff and a member of ZPD patrolling the convention floor.


Snow White - Costume
Snow White


Woody and Bo Peep


Judy Hopps Costume
Judy Hopps


WonderCon may have ended on Sunday, but we’re all for the creativity and connection it fostered. Join in on the fun with a costumed movie night at home or trip to the Disney Parks, and scroll through the Disney Style archives for more ways to flaunt your fandom.

Posted 4 years Ago
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