We love the feathers.

10 Style Observations Only Aladdin Fans Understand

The hats. The jewels. The harem pants. It’s been over 20 years since Aladdin captured the hearts of Disney fans and fashionistas alike, but we’re as in love with the film as ever. Set in the enchanting city of Agrabah, it’s brimming with exotic styles and fashion-focused moments that range from delightful to delightfully absurd. After re-watching this Disney classic,  we compiled a list of style facts only Aladdin fans would understand.

1. Genie would make a great personal stylist.

aladdin-genie style

Though Aladdin teaches us that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, after seeing the way the Genie transforms Aladdin from a street rat to styling prince, we’d gladly welcome his help planning our outfits.

2. True besties wear matching outfits.  

Abu & Aladdin

Donning fez hats and matching purple vests, Abu and Aladdin mastered the “twinning” look and set the bar high for generations of Aladdin fans to come.

3. There is no such thing as over-accessorizing.

When discussing dressing with accessories, Coco Chanel once recommended removing one thing before leaving the house. Aladdin taught us to trust a go-big-or-go-home approach instead, as evidenced by Abu’s obsession with opulence.

4. Hats are either enormous or tiny. There is no middle ground.

Aladdin - Hats Large v. Small

Speaking of extremes, are we the only ones that noticed the lack of variation in hat sizes in Agrabah? Aladdin fashion fans know there are only two ways to go: massive, or barely visible.

5. Agrabah is the capital of patterned clothing …

Aladdin - Patterns Shorts

Don’t let their monotone outfits fool you. The men of Aladdin are serious about their bold patterns.

… and feathers. 

Aladdin - FeathersWe love the feathers. 

6. Fish aren’t just for eating.

Aladdin - fish pants

In what might be the most avant guarde fashion moment of the film, a guard repurposes a dead fish into a pair of pants. We’re all for creatively repurposing clothes, but this imaginative style choice is an Aladdin exclusive.

7. Laundry can save your life. 

Aladdin - laundry

Whether it’s a crash pad you need, or a parachute, Aladdin proves something we already knew deep down: clothes are always there for you.

8. Shoes are optional—but if you’re wearing them, they better have curly toes.

Aladdin - Shoes

Though we usually see Aladdin running from trouble barefoot, the curled shoes we do see him and other characters wearing are some of the most recognizable pieces of Disney fashion.

9. The thinner the mustache, the badder the villain.

Aladdin - Mustache

After spending way too much time contemplating facial hair choices in Aladdin, we noticed a correlation between mustache size and character villainy. Comparing the lovable Sultan’s fluffy beard to these bad guys’ mustaches, we’re seriously wondering whether there’s a separate barber for Disney villains.

10. Jasmine’s hair is where the real magic in Aladdin happens. 


Over, sideways, and under, Jasmine’s hair stays in place with minimal fly-aways for the entirety of the film. We’re not sure whether it has to do with her impressive rubber bands or some Genie-esque magic, but we’re sure most Aladdin fans have felt at least a twinge of jealousy.

Is there something we missed?

Share your Aladdin fashion observations in the comments below!

Posted 4 years Ago
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