#SplitHair Is The New Cruella-Inspired Hair Trend

If you want to go light for the summer, but don’t want to let go of your natural darker hair color, you could always take a cue from Cruella and do both. The new “it” hair trend is both light and dark, and very striking. Check out the hashtag #SplitHair on Instagram, and you’ll see tons of creative style gurus dying half of their hair one color, the other half another color, a la Cruella.

Natural blond and brown hair


The cool thing about this style is that you can still partake in other current hair trends. Go gray + pastel or ombre, but change up the color on each side. More than just black and white, we saw some trying out dual pastels, white and pink, and other unicorn looks that we can’t wait to try out (once we’re brave enough to go #SplitHair).

The only hang up about this trend is that you might look a little bit villainous… but for a Disney Villains fan, that might be a good thing.

Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmations

Posted 5 years Ago
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