Stop Everything and Watch the Final Trailer for Cinderella

As the clock tick-tocks closer to Cinderella’s release on March 13, our inner fairytale-loving, princess-dreaming selves can hardly handle waiting any longer for this film. Thankfully, Walt Disney Studios has released the final trailer for the movie, and it’s all we could ever want.

From Ella and Kit’s meet cute in the forest, to Lady Tremaine throwing some seriously glamorous shade, the stakes are higher, and the film feels more magical and glamorous than anything we’ve ever seen.



Our immediate reactions are pretty simple:

1) Give us all of Lady Tremaine’s wardrobe (those dresses? Amazing.)

2) We ship Kit and Ella harder than anything we’ve shipped before.

3) Why can’t March 13 come any sooner?

Posted 4 years Ago
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