In Defense of Cruella De Vil (just her style, not her love of fur!)

Yeah, so she’s that special kind of evil that is willing to harm super cute animals for a new coat, but Cruella is also fabulous (even though we don’t agree with the fur thing). Perhaps she’s just a victim of society; perhaps her need for fur coats is a desperate cry for love and affection. Also, her sense of style is on point. So, instead of condemning her as a villain, let’s celebrate Cruella as a top fashionista, all-around diva, AND villain. We mean, how many villains do you know that have a song written about them? That’s what we thought.


Her Car is Vintage

Cruella Car
She is maybe the worst driver ever, but with a classic car like hers, it barely matters that there’s a 95% chance she’ll run over you.


The Gloves

Cruella Door
Why don’t people wear elbow length gloves anymore? Can we please bring that back? They are so classy and elegant. Ugh, we’re jealous.


Bold is the New Black

Cruella LBD
Cruella knows what works for her and sticks with it. Black, white and red. She’s even gone so far as to match her hair to her wardrobe, which might be overkill on some, but not Cruella. She makes it work.


Minimal Makeup

Cruella Car Coat
Statement lips are all the rage at the moment, proving Cruella the ultimate trendsetter.



Cruella Entrance
It’s the classic piece that every woman needs in her wardrobe.


Hell Hall

Cruella Hell Hall
Gothic is in. This place is creepy chic, and we are all about it.


Statement Jewelry
Cruella Jewelry
The ring. The earrings. The perfect-for-spring mint color. Seriously, it’s just perfection.



Cruella Bed
They just don’t make ladies like this anymore.


We rest our case.

Posted 5 years Ago
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