Just Wow: The Pretty Little Liars Black and White Episode

Tuesday nights are specifically reserved for watching Pretty Little Liars, and this week, we have something even more exciting to look forward to. Tonight, the show takes a black and white twist, transporting the characters and mystery to the world of 1940s film noir. The episode looks stunningly beautiful and we are slightly obsessed with the period costumes our liars get to wear.

Spencer emulates the best of a vintage screen siren. The perfect coif, her velvet dress with beaded accent, it’s all divine. Be sure to look at the Pretty Little Liars Facebook gallery for Spencer’s other looks (we personally love the dressing gown)



We love Emily’s bold vixen look. Her chunky bracelets, embellished belt, and statement necklace play perfectly with her big curls and beaded dress.


Prim and proper, Hanna rocks a button down polka dot top and pencil skirt. We also adore her era-inspired loose waves.


Can we just take a second and appreciate Aria’s bold brows and dark lip? We also love the statement earrings and necklace paired with her plaid coat.


And best dress goes to Alison. The beading on her gown is gorgeous and with that look, we know trouble is brewing.


Let’s not forget about the boys. Tobey looks dapper in a fedora, trench coat, and printed tie. He certainly knows his way around #Menswear.


See more of the costumes and go behind-the-scenes of tonight’s episodes here:

Which look from the Pretty Little Liar’s Black and White Episode is your favorite?

Posted 6 years Ago
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