A Christian Siriano-Styled Pirate Fairy

Popular designer and Project Runway winner Christian Siriano is behind Zarina’s look in the upcoming The Pirate Fairy. Drawing inspiration from his favorite Disney animated classics and the voice behind Zarina, Christina Hendricks, Siriano created the fairy’s signature outfit, which will debut in the film which arrives on Blu-ray April 1.

Christian Siriano's designs for The Pirate Fairy

“It’s so cool to see how the animators bring the clothes to life—how a sketch comes to life in the animation world,” Siriano described to USA Today.

The designer also had to scale down his concepts, and think in terms of fairy-sized designs: “You have to think about where she’d get items for her outfits,” said Siriano. “Old rings from a chest that she might have found, rope, a hairpin for a sword, leather from an old shoe for her corset, a lot of netting and cotton fabric from the ship’s sail.”

Christian Siriano's designs for The Pirate Fairy

Be sure to see Siriano’s designs and the voice talents of Christina Hendricks and Tom Hiddleston when The Pirate Fairy arrives on April 1. Pre-order your copy now.


Posted 6 years Ago
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