Deliciously “Ice-Creamy” Mary Poppins Costume Sketches

Mary Poppins arrives on Blu-ray today. To celebrate, we’re giving a nod of appreciation to her signature outfits, sketches for which are just as stunning as the real thing. These images from the Disney Archives show the original designs by visual consultant Tony Walton whose use of “ice-creamy” as an adjective is almost as adorable as his sketches themselves.

Mary Poppins Art

Walton was trying to show the mood of the day–topped off with a trip inside a chalk painting–in Mary’s fluffy, whimsical, and white dress, which was as pretty as a plate of desserts.

“The design for Mary in the ‘Jolly Holiday’ sequence was my first attempt to come up with a deliciously ‘ice-creamy’ quality that would convey a feeling of the unexpectedly welcome treats being enjoyed by the children, and even Bert and Mary, during this holiday adventure she was creating for them all.” – visual consultant Tony Walton

Mary Poppins Art

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Posted 7 years Ago
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