8 Disney & Disney Pixar Costumes That Are Just Obscure Enough to Be Really Clever

Seriously, who doesn’t love Halloween? Or what we should say is, what Disney fan doesn’t love Halloween? It’s the time of year when you can dress up as a Disney or Disney•Pixar character in whatever fashion you want. Want to DIY a quick costume? Go for it. Want to be a Princess? Live your truth, girl. But if you’re looking for a slightly more obscure character that will turn heads this Halloween, we’ve got some ideas for you:

  1. Flash

    Hopps-and-Wilde-at-the-DMV-in-ZootopiaFriends will get a kick out of this costume, especially if you move at a sloth’s pace if they ask you to do something.

  2. Rudy

    Just think, when someone asks, “Who are you?” Your response can be, “Beware the groove…”

  3. Gadget

    why-gadget-is-the-best-3Gadget is one of the most secretly stylish Disney characters, so who wouldn’t want to be her for Halloween? If you can find the right pieces for this look, you’ll be the coolest Disney character this Halloween.

  4. Sid

    Everyone will know your costume in this iconic t-shirt! Bonus points if you can DIY his mutant toys.

  5. Mirage

    call-mirageWith Incredibles 2 releasing this year, we know super suits are going to be incredibly popular for Halloween. So if you really want to stand out, go more minimalist as Mirage from Incredibles. We’re certain you’ll find plenty of people dressed as Supers to take pictures with!

  6. Prince John

    If you can pull off this Prince John costume at your Halloween party, we’re obsessed with you already. Think of how comfortable you’ll feel spending your night in a robe and sandals.

  7. Franny

    Meet the Robinsons fans will love this costume (and we will, too). But to pull this look off, you’ve got to get the hair down–or up–just right.

  8. Roz

    What costume is scarier than this Monsters, Inc. character? Let people know you’re “always watching” all Halloween night.

We hope we’ve gotten your wheels turning on some cool and clever costumes for a fun and festive Disney Halloween!

Posted 2 years Ago
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