Celeb Stylist Jamie Mizrahi Talks Fashion and Katy Perry’s Wardrobe on American Idol

For our “Because I’m a Lady” series, we chatted with Jamie Mizrahi, Katy Perry’s stylist on American Idol, about all things styling, fashion, and pursuing your dreams. 

How did you get started in your fashion career?

I always interned in fashion. My first internship was with Elle magazine, and then I worked at a few clothing companies and other magazines. My final internship before graduating was at a place called the Albright Fashion Library. It’s a place that stylists, wardrobe designers, and costumers go to rent and pull clothes from all the top designers. Stylists would come in and I would help them, and at the time I didn’t really understand what a stylist did, or that that could actually be a profession. From there I worked at Vogue magazine, but I realized I missed the excitement of the styling world!

Did you love fashion growing up?

My whole life I cared about fashion and what I was wearing. I always loved going through my mom and grandma’s closets, going their jewelry boxes, and trying things on. I would take my friends shopping, and put looks together for their younger siblings.

Katy’s wardrobe on the show makes a statement. How do you go through and pull looks? Is it a collaborative process?

Everything with Katy is collaborative. She’s very involved, and I love that because I can make sure she’s expressing herself through what she’s wearing and that she’s comfortable and confident. For American Idol, we really wanted each piece to be exciting. It’s an opportunity to go there, especially because she’s the only female on the show. During Hollywood Week, when she presented Minnie with her star on the Walk of Fame, she said, “I want Minnie to be so impressed by what I have on.”

Do you have a favorite look on the show so far?

I think one of my favorites is the silver jumpsuit she was wearing when she split her pants! We thought she was going to be sitting most of the time on the show and not jumping around, but since she loves to get up and dance, her pants totally split. Lionel helped her fix it with gaffers tape, and she kept on going!

What is the best thing about working with Katy Perry on American Idol?

I love Katy as a person, so it’s just really great. And honestly, I’m a really big fan of the show. I think Katy gives the camera everything, and she’s so likable and funny. I’m really glad the world gets to see how big of a heart she has. It’s nice to be a little part of this project with her.


What advice would you give aspiring stylists?

Take every job and opportunity you’re offered, and just meet people along the way. Experiences are everything! Every job I still do, I learn from it. Continue to learn from your peers, from clients, designers you work with, and just never think you know enough.

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Posted 2 years Ago
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