We’re giving our homes a makeover with these hanging planters inspired by Coco

We have so many emotions when it comes to Disney•Pixar’s Coco and pure joy  is one of them! Coco has recently taken home both the Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Animated Film and our hearts are full and so so happy.

Now it’s your turn to bring some of the warmth and colour of Coco into your own home with these joyous hanging planters inspired by the film. Watch the video and then follow the instructions below to get started on your own creations.

What you’ll need

  • Small Terracotta pots (the dimensions of our pots –  11cm high with an 11cm diameter and 7cm base)
  • Potted plants – we chose some lush green succulents and a cute prickly pear cactus *
  • Soil and pebbles for planting
  • Sharp scissors
  • Small craft glue gun
  • Selection of acrylic paints – we used bright pink, red, orange and yellow
  • Approximately 2 metres textured cotton lace
  • 8 metres (per hanger) of a rope of your choosing – don’t go for anything too thick as it’ll make it hard to tie the knots required.

*Before you start decorating, plant your succulents in their pots and give them a water. Add pebbles or some brightly coloured stones and set them all aside to settle into their new homes.


To decorate your pots:

  • Cut your cotton lace into lengths, enough to surround the outer diameter of each pot, leaving a few millimetres to spare for gluing later.
  • Lay each length of lace on a piece of scrap paper and tape them down with double-sided tape to stop them moving as you paint.
  • Paint each length of lace in your favourite colour and leave to dry. We gave our yellow lace trim a little ombre edge in orange!
  • Pre heat a hot glue gun (or use strong fabric glue) then glue each length of lace around the top edge of each of your pots. Trim as necessary. Dispose of scrap paper.


To create each macramé hanger:

  • Grab the entire 8m length of rope, split it in half 4 times.
  • You should now be able to hold the rope in the middle and have 4 ropes hanging on either side of your hand.
  • In the centre where your hand remains, tie a knot, however do not pull the ropes all the way through as you generally would with a typical knot, you should be left with a loop at the top. This will form your hanging loop.
  • Hang the rope from a hook using this loop before you begin knotting.
  • Your rope will still be joined at the ends below, use your scissors to cut the 3 remaining loops so that you are left with 4 long, free-hanging pieces of rope.
  • Taking 2 ropes at a time and create a knot (pulling the rope all the way through the knot) – aim for about 10cm down from your initial hanging loop. Repeat this process with the remaining ropes.  Adjust placement of knots so all 4 of them align horizontally.
  • Take 2 ropes from separate knots this time, and use this pair of ropes to create another knot 5cm below your first knot. Repeat this step, taking 2 ropes from separate knots each time. Keep aligning your knots horizontally as you go.
  • Grab all the loose ends of rope and tie them into one big knot, pulling the rope all the way through. This knot should sit about 4cm under your last set of small knots.
  • Take the ends of the hanging rope and unravel them a little so they sway in the breeze!
  • Slide your pot into the centre of your knotted ropes, nesting the base of the pot on your large bottom knot. Move it around a bit until it sits neatly and feels secure.
  • Hang from a hook on your balcony, by your window or under a tree in the garden and enjoy watching your handiwork sway in the last of the warm breezes as we say goodbye to summer!


Gather your friends and family to show off your Coco inspired planters at your next movie night! Disney•Pixar’s Coco is now available to buy on Blu-ray™ & DVD and Digital

Posted 3 years Ago
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