One-on-One With Club Mickey Mouse’s Jenna Alvarez

For our “Because I’m a Lady” series, we sat down with one of Club Mickey Mouse’s leading ladies, Jenna Alvarez, to chat about all things Disney and fashion. 

How did you get started in dance? 

When I was 6 years old, my friend was doing gymnastics so I asked my mom if I could do it as well. As she was looking up gyms, she found a dance studio, asked if I wanted to dance or do gymnastics and I picked dance … the rest is history!

How does it feel to be living out this legacy as one of the leading ladies of Club Mickey Mouse?

I am so humbly honored to be carrying on the legacy that the past Mouseketeers have created. These legends have inspired not only myself and my cast mates but generations upon generations of people, which we hope to do as well.

How would you describe your personal style?

When it comes to style, I like to take current trends and tweak them to fit my personality. I’m a very bubbly person so I tend to wear a lot of bright colors and accessories or shoes that are unique!

What does Disney style mean to you?

Disney style, to me, is a way to express my love of Disney through fashion. One day I might be feeling creative and slightly mischievous and will go for a Tinker Bell-inspired look, and another day I might feel courageous and giggly and go for a Princess Anna-inspired outfit. It all just depends on how I’m feeling and how I want to express myself.

What’s your favorite Disney memory?

My favorite Disney memory is when I was about four years old, dressed as Princess Jasmine and going to watch the Aladdin Musical Spectacular show at the Hyperion Theater in Disney’s California Adventure Park.

What would you tell your younger self about following your dreams to get to where you are today?

Keep dreaming and believing because as long as you do that, your fairy godmother will hear all your wishes and turns those dreams into a reality!

Posted 2 years Ago
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