Go Backstage With The Lion King on Broadway, and Learn How to Do Rafiki’s Makeup From the Show

We got to go on a once in a lifetime experience backstage at The Lion King on Broadway! We took a behind-the-scenes tour of the wardrobe department to get a close-up look at the costumes and sets, and even learned how to do Rafiki’s makeup before performer Tshidi Manye had to take the stage! Needless to say, it was crazy cool.

To capture the essence of the characters, the colorful costumes have unique handmade details and were made of everything from intricate beading and multiple layers to hand-painted fabrics and feathered collars. It’s really incredible how much these dancers wear on stage.the lion king on broadway rafikiOne of our favorite looks from the show is Rafiki’s, which is no surprise since Rafiki is also one of our favorite characters. Rafiki’s costume consists of many layers and textures that up close are so interesting to look at and from afar, help to tell Rafiki’s story.

One of the most recognizable parts of Rafiki’s look is the vibrant color-blocked makeup. We got to watch Tshidi get her makeup done, and we learned all the steps to becoming show-ready—honestly, this could be a really good Halloween costume:

Paint white liner under eyes and begin yellow around eyes.

Paint red down the nose, and around the forehead and mouth.Paint blue on cheeks and in the remaining space around face. Add black and gold metallic paint to your lips. Add white dots around the top of the yellow. Outline white dots with black circles by using a pen cap dipped in paint.Add white lines using a wider paintbrush and stroke diagonally down. Voila! 

Photo by Joan Marcus

We had the best time and can’t wait to see the show again soon! Visit lionking.com to get your tickets now!

Posted 2 years Ago
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