What to Be for Halloween, Depending on the Size of Your Friend Group

Group Halloween costumes always sound like a good idea, but aren’t always the easiest to come up with. Plus, you and your friends may really want to be the seven dwarfs this year after seeing them in all their adorable and colorful glory at Disneyland, but only have six people in your friend group (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). Well, it’s time to put a solve to this problem with a list of Disney group Halloween costumes depending on how many friends are in your group.


Honestly, what could be cuter? Flash back to old-school Mickey and Minnie in black and white classic styles.


One of the best stories in Disney•Pixar history involves this timeless trio. The outfits may involve a little bit of DIY, but it will be worth it! 


This is a group costume everyone will love! Plus, you’ll be the most comfortable crew at any costume party.


This group Halloween costume is a fun one because each of the Emotions not only have a distinct look, but a very distinct personality! These costumes will make for great group photos. 


This is a great costume for a group of six because while flying solo, the outfits are recognizably cool, they’re definitely more impactful as a full group.


Now here’s where the epic photos ops come in. If each of you selects a dwarf and plays into their character trait, we’re certain you’ll have the most amazing Halloween group photos. Taking a Break, Disney Style - The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White


This has been a big year for our new Mouseketeers so we couldn’t think of a better group costume for your group of eight friends than Club Mickey Mouse


Evoke childhood memories as you and your eight friends opt for a cute and cuddly group Halloween costume. Of course, nine excludes gopher, but maybe there’s a dog or baby in the mix who can play his role.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh group shot


The more the merrier in this group costume, but ten seems to be a big enough number to make an impact as the aliens from Toy Story. Think of this boomerang as you all raise your heads slowly for the clawwww. Say it with me now—ooOOooOOoo! 

Have more that that in your group? Let’s see, the Princesses make 11, if you count beyond the main cast in Frozen you’ll get to 12, the list can go on and on. But we’ll stop here for now.

We can’t wait to see your Disney group Halloween costumes! Be sure to tag us on Instagram with @disneystyle!

Posted 3 years Ago
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