YouTuber Ashley Nichole on Doing What You Love for a Living

We caught up with YouTube personality Ashley Nichole to find out how she found something she loved and went for it. 
How did you get started in your career? 

My sister Alicia Marie had a YouTube channel that I helped film. I fell in love with what she was doing so much that I eventually decided to try it on my own.

What made you decide to start this entrepreneurial venture? 

I never really planned on doing this as a career (does anyone?), and from the beginning I thought it was something I would do while I finished school. It was just me, being myself, in front of a camera. I was honestly surprised by how much the channel grew!

Where do you get inspiration for each of your videos? 

A lot of brainstorming sessions (no really, a lot) with myself, my sister, and my friends about what topics to talk about next.

How has your love of Disney inspired you to pursue your dream career?  

I have grown up with Disney’s positive message that dreams are achievable. That has always encouraged me to go for what I want, and I wanted to make this happen for myself.

Which character’s style is your favorite and why? 

I LOVE Ariel! She has always been my favorite. I love her free-spirited personality and how she chased after her dreams no matter what!

How do you dress in Disney Style for a day at Disneyland? 

For a day at the Parks, my favorite is a comfy pair of overalls (pockets come in handy at the Parks), my ears, and tennis shoes! Comfort first!

What advice can you give young women wanting to pursue the same career path? 

Enjoy what you do! If it’s something you love, you will do well!

Check out Ashley’s YouTube channel for more fashion and fun.

Posted 3 years Ago
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