10 Times We Were All Auli’i Cravalho

We can all admit that Auli’i Cravalho is one of the most beautiful humans both inside and out. While the 16-year-old voice of Moana continues to surprise us with her maturity and elegance, her Instagram continuously reminds us that she’s really just like all of us. Or rather, maybe we are really all Auli’i. Hmm …

“See the line where the sky meets the sea? It’s calling me away from my English essay 😂😋.” First of all, she makes Moana references when she’s at the beach—just like us.

She takes selfies with hats like we do.

She ties her hair up in a messy topknot, and loves a good book.

Posing with Pua is part of her regular morning routine.

She covers up acne and calls it a constellation selfie.

No matter where she may be, she finds a way to study for finals.

Between red carpet events and glamorous parties, she’s an au natural girl, giving us morning selfie envy.

She says things like, “Boutta dig into this burrito.”

And eats dessert for lunch.

And of course, she rocks Disney Style at the Disneyland Resort!

So as you can probably tell, we’re huge fangirls of Auli’i’s carefree lifestyle and overall positive vibes.

Posted 6 months Ago
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