Update Your Phone With These Lion King Wallpapers

If you ask me what my favorite Disney animated film is, I might tell you for a bit that I can’t possibly choose, but really, it’s all about The Lion King for me. Like many a ’90s kid,  “Hakuna Matata” was more than just a wonderful phrase, it was the song I made my parents rewind the cassette tape on in the car repetitively.

Now that The Lion King is available on Digital and Blu-ray, you can bet I’ll be swapping out my much-loved VHS tape for a new copy of this classic. And since you can never have too much Lion King in your life, our design team created some new Lion King wallpapers that you can download for your phone!

To download, right click and choose “Save Image As” to save to your desktop. If you’re on an iPhone, press the image and hold until the screen comes up that says “Save Image.”

Posted 3 years Ago
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