Asia Ellington Draws Inspiration from Disney Fans, Literally

This week from our Because I’m a Lady series, we heard from illustrator Asia Ellington to chat about how real Disney fans give her inspiration. 

Tell us a little bit about your background as an artist. When did you begin drawing? 

I’ve been drawing ever since I was very little. I took art classes in high school and am currently enrolled at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, but I’m primarily self-taught.

We absolutely love your fan art! How does the Disney community inspire you? 

Disney has been a huge influence throughout entire life, and has been the driving force behind why I love to draw and create. I’m so inspired by Disney animation and the artwork behind some of my favorite classic animated films and characters. The Disney community does have a big impact as well. They’re the most dedicated fan base, and I’m so proud to be a part of it! Disney fans have such a special connection to Disney, and when I meet or talk to other fans, it feels like I’m talking to extended family. They truly inspire me every day.

We loved your artwork of fans dressing for Dapper Day! Can you tell us about why you decided to create those pieces?

I absolutely love Dapper Day! I still haven’t been to one, but drawing people’s outfits, I don’t feel left out! Whenever I see an outfit I like, I just have an overwhelming feeling of, “I need to paint this!” Plus, it makes my day when I post the finished looks and see their reactions!

What is one of your favorite pieces you’ve created? 

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for vintage fashion and film. Seeing the fan-collaborated 1920s photoshoot inspired by Disney Princesses truly melted my heart, and so I dropped everything and went to my tablet! I’m really proud of how that one turned out, and the people involved were so surprised! 

What else do you draw?

While I’m mostly influenced by Disney, my art is a constant mix of things that inspire me. I love drawing fashion, and even did a series for Women’s History Month back in March.

For other artists and Disney fans, what is some advice you can give? 

Honestly, to follow your dreams, you have to have a dream. But while dreaming is very important, you also have to put in hard work behind your passion, while also staying patient and humble. Eventually all of your hard work will pay off and your dreams really will come true. 


Posted 1 year Ago
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