On the Road With Disney Princess-Inspired Style

Content created in partnership with PANDORA Jewelry

Being yourself is what Disney Style is all about. It’s truly about living your best life, and to us, that really means channelling your inner Disney Princess, every day, IRL. We’ve partnered with PANDORA Jewelry to show you what Disney Princesses look like when they aren’t dressed in ball gowns. 

Whether you’re an introvert, an artist, or an adventurer, there’s a Disney Princess to encourage you to embrace your passions and dreams. Belle, for example, is independent and adventurous. Despite what others think of her, she stays true to herself and remains open-minded. 

Consider the sweet-natured and undeniably caring friend of your group as Snow White. Her feminine style replicates her sweet and kind attitude, and she’s one of the best friends to have around. 

Rapunzel is a Disney Princess many young women can relate to. She’s a creative free-spirit with never-ending curiosity. We like to say she’s a festival goer, with a passion for music, art, and travel, because ultimately, she just wants to make everyday the best day ever. 

Since flowers are a major part of Rapunzel’s style, her look isn’t complete without a few floral accessories. 

One of the more daring Princesses is Jasmine, who inspires us to take risks and live confidently. She’s a doer, always by your side, and will never let you down. Plus, she has fun with fashion, wearing things like sequins during the daytime, colored eye shadow, or layers of jewelry. 

Cinderella shines both in her kindhearted nature, and the sparkle of her shoes. She’s the friend who you can easily share a laugh with no matter where you are, and she’ll never stop dreaming big. 

Disney Princesses constantly inspire us to be true to who we are and what we want to do. 

We love seeing your Disney Princess-inspired looks, and how you style your PANDORA Jewelry with them. Be sure to tag @disneystyle and @theofficialpandora along with the hashtag #DODream to share how you and your friends live life like a Princess.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our road trip photo shoot:


Posted 3 years Ago
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