DIY: To Infinity (and Beyond) Friendship Bracelets


Though Valentine’s Day is so often recognized as a celebration of romantic love, my friends and I started a tradition a few years ago that we were all happy to celebrate: best friend gift packages. Loaded with DIY gifts and cards made and/or chosen specifically for one another, the packages offer a fun, start-of-year reminder of all the love and memories we have to be thankful for.

With Valentine’s Day a few short weeks away, we’re launching a three-part DIY series that will give you a head start on making personalized gifts with a Disney twist. This week, we’ll be making Toy Story-inspired infinity bracelets for you and your BFF to share.

Scroll through the simple steps below to get started.

DIY - Bracelet Infinity

  1. Coil the end of the wire around the end of a pen to create the first round bend of an infinity sign.
  2. Repeat Step 1 on the opposite side to complete the symbol. Snip any excess wire off with wire cutters.DIY - Bracelet Infinity Step 1 copy
  3. Cut four lengths of embroidery string that roughly measure the circumference of a wrist.
  4. Fold two of the strings in half to create a loop and attach to one side of the infinity sign.
  5. Repeat Step 4 on the opposite side with the remaining two lengths of string.
  6. Optional: Create simple themed packaging for the friendship bracelet by cutting two slits in a piece of firm cardboard and writing a classic Toy Story quote in white ink.
  7. Your bracelet is complete! Share it with a friend you love to infinity and beyond.

Infinity Bracelets

Posted 4 years Ago
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