Disney Style Fans Sarah and Leo Give Tips for Couples DisneyBounding

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we know we’ll be seeing some fun couple DisneyBounds popping up on Instagram soon. Disney fan duo Sarah and Leo have had some excellent ‘Bounds together over the past few years, so we asked them for a few tips. If you’re interested in trying a duo DisneyBound with a friend or significant other, here are a 10 of their tips to get you started: 

Which characters do you typically choose to DisneyBound?

Usually we try to pick Disney duos that aren’t main or highlighted characters. For us, sidekicks and friends are more fun to do than prince and Princess couples, although we love them just the same.

What’s one tip to keep in mind when selecting your couples ‘Bound?

It’s easier for people to notice who you are if you choose characters with multiple colors. For example, it’s more interesting to do a couples DisenyBound as Rafiki and Zazu than it is to do Simba and Nala since their coloring is so neutral.

What is your favorite thing about DisneyBounding together? 

For us, it’s one more way we can share our love of Disney together. Plus, when you have a partner to DisneyBound with, your outfits stand out more. If my look isn’t as clear as Leo’s, then his helps mine become more distinguished.

Who has your favorite DisneyBound duo been?

Definitely Ralph and Vanellope, which we did for Dapper Day one year. It started with me thinking Leo’s hair and complexion looked kind of like Vanellope’s, and stemmed into what we knew would be a pretty silly but awesome ‘Bound. We put a lot of effort into those looks because we were having so much fun with them. I don’t think we’ll ever top that one.


Which ‘Bounds haven’t you done yet but hope to one day? 

We keep wanting to do Pacha and Chicha from The Emperor’s New Groove, but Pacha’s coloring is so Quasimodo that you need the right kind of tunic to do the trick. We also really want to do Copper and Tod from The Fox and the Hound but haven’t found the right pieces to do that yet either.

Where do you get all the different pieces to put together your DisneyBounds? 

It’s always great to plan a DisneyBound based off things you already have in your closet. Basics are really important to collect so you can mix and match colors for different DisneyBounds. Leo likes Uniqlo for solid basics and I like Forever 21 because they already have everything color coordinated for me when I walk in the door.

Sarah, how do you usually do your makeup to match your look? And what does Leo do to add flare to his look? 

I like doing my makeup in the style of the character I’m doing. For Jasmine, for example, I would do a heavier winged eye liner along with eye shadow that matches the color of the outfit. Leo will change up his sunglasses and shoelaces to add to his outfit. He literally has shoelaces in every single color—it’s insane. If the character has a certain hairstyle, I’ll try to do something inspired by it. When I did Judy Hopps, I did pigtails as an alternative to literal bunny ears.

How do you stay comfortable in your DisneyBound for a long day at the Parks? 

I find myself collecting different colored sneakers so I’m still comfortable for the Parks. Basic Keds in 2-3 different colors are good to have on hand.

How do you make sure the two of you are cohesive in your looks? 

We make sure that we aren’t going for totally different vibes. If Leo is doing a casual look, I wouldn’t want to be too dressed up or funky in my outfit. Or, if we decide to do vintage versions of our character-inspired looks, then we make sure we’re of the same decade.

What’s the final touch to complete your DisneyBounds? 

DisneyBounding is about having fun with fashion. Part of how we like to have fun is by taking photos of our couples DisneyBound. So the final touch to our looks involves having the perfect photo spot. If we’re doing an Aladdin DisneyBound then we would go to Aladdin’s Oasis to take our photo.

We hope we’ve inspired you and a friend or significant other to try a couples DisneyBound for your next trip to the Parks!

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Posted 1 year Ago
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