10 Disney Style Resolutions to Ring in a Fashionable New Year

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t actually make many resolutions every year because realistically, they’re hard to keep. But this year, I decided to give my resolutions a Disney style twist so that they’re fun enough to really make happen! I’ve put together my Disney style resolutions for 2017 that I hope will inspire your wardrobe this year:

Elsa 1 of 10
Elsa finally let go of all her fears when she changed into her glittery gown and put her past behind her. Add some sparkle to your outfits this year for an extra boost of confidence.
Lilo 2 of 10
Lilo’s look features a bold all-over print that is perfect for making a statement any day.
Rapunzel 3 of 10
Rapunzel’s short hair symbolized her newfound freedom. Try a new haircut as an easy way to refresh your look and feel like a new you.
Wreck-It Ralph 4 of 10
Even a "bad guy" like Ralph appreciates a heartfelt DIY gift. Show someone how much you care this year with your own handmade present.
Minnie Mouse 5 of 10
Minnie’s polka dots are always a classic staple. But for more fun this year, mix and match your dots in the same outfit!
Buzz Lightyear as Mrs. Nesbitt 6 of 10
Take a cue from Mrs. Nesbitt and don’t take fashion too seriously this year. Fashion is all about having fun!
Aurora 7 of 10
Make this the year you can rock any and all colors. Aurora's dress is equally beautiful in both pink and blue, so venture outside your comfort zone with new hues.
Woody 8 of 10
Dare to mix different textures to create unforgettable outfits this year. Woody’s ensemble of denim, fringe, and cow print is always memorable.
Ursula 9 of 10
Ursula never underestimated the power of eye shadow. Once in a while, try a vibrant eye color for an impactful pop.
Edna Mode 10 of 10
Last but not least, Edna’s advice to never look back is always important to remember. Start the new year fresh and aim towards a brighter year ahead.

These new year’s resolutions are inspired by Disney while encouraging me to try new and exciting things. Plus, it’s a great excuse to add even more Disney into my everyday life. Which of these resolutions will you add to your list? Tell us in the comments!

Happy New Year, Disney Style fans!

Posted 2 months Ago
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