In November of 1995, the first Toy Story movie was released in theaters, inspiring us to reach to infinity and beyond, and making us just a little suspicious of our misplaced toys. Two more films and 21 years later, we’re celebrating this sweet film with an even sweeter DIY tote.  Follow the steps below to make yourself a bag coated in the cheerful cloud pattern that coats Andy’s walls.


  1. Collect your supplies and print out our Toy Story tote stencil. You can download the stencil here.
  2. Cut the cloud shapes out of your stencil and trace them onto your tote bag.
  3. Mix acrylic paints to create your desired colors, then add one part textile medium to two parts of your acrylic paint mix.
  4. Fill the cloud shapes in white with a small brush, then paint around the clouds in blue with a broader brush (pictured below). diy-toy-story-tote-1
  5. Using a smaller brush, trace around the white clouds in blue, filling in any blank spots of canvas.
  6. Side one of your tote bag is complete!


Want to give the reverse side of your tote bag a unique twist? Use stencils from our DIY Minimalist Disney•Pixar Coasters DIY to paint an extra Toy Story icon in the corner of your bag. We went with the iconic yellow and blue ball from Pixar’s films, but there are more to choose from here.


How are you celebrating Toy Story‘s anniversary? Share in the comments and tag #DisneyStyle on Instagram with your creations.

Posted 4 years Ago
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