Bundle Up With Friends for a Disney Sleepover

If you’re planning to stay in for Halloween tomorrow, that’s no reason not to have a fun night! We’re totally on board with staying home and watching Disney movies with your BFFs, too.

We caught up with seven Disney Style fangirls to get their tips on how to throw the perfect Disney sleepover.

Pajamas: Richard Leeds
  1. “You’re never too old to play Disney dress-up! Make it fun by playing around with Disney Princess and villain looks!” – Ashley, @danggooddisney
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  2. “I am a huge fan of baking and decorating sweet treats with your girls! Homemade Disney cookies and rice crispy treats are a must at any Disney sleepover!” – Sara, @dressedindisney54
  3. “You definitely need to have an all-night Disney movie marathon!” – Leslie, @thedisneybound
  4. I love to sing and dance, so Disney karaoke is a must at any sleepover!” – Britt, @takeme2disney57
  5. “Making a fort is just as fun as ever! You can channel your inner Rapunzel and plug in twinkle lights around it.” – Allison, @allisonschaper
  6. “The perfect playlist is a must-have for a sleepover! I could spend hours talking and dreaming big with my besties. Have yummy treats to keep you fueled throughout the night hours, and dreamy music to keep you inspired!” – Lex, @thepixietraveler
  7. “A sleepover with your besties isn’t complete without snapping a few pictures! Try setting up your very own photo booth for your next slumber party. You can make it your own by adding different props. Afterwards, you can print your pictures so you’ll always have something to remind you of all the memories you created in one night!” – Lauren, @loashheg

Most importantly, remember that you’re never too old for Disney or sleepovers with your BFFs.

Photography by Leo De La O of @themainstreetpress.

Posted 3 years Ago
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