DIY: Jungle Book Floating Frames

Plenty of things come to mind when we think of The Jungle Book—the ornate opening credits, the memorable characters, the jungle setting, the amazing music. On this anniversary of this Disney classic’s release, we’ve whipped up a chic way to pay homage to everything we love about this Disney classic: floating frames.

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your room, grow your gallery wall, or add a tropical touch to your home as the weather gets chilly, these simple frames are a bare canvas for any fan’s creativity.


  1. Collect your crafting supplies and find a surface to work on that is conducive to cutting with an X-Acto blade. (We recommend a plastic cutting board.)
  2. Remove the matting from your frame and use the inside edge to measure out slightly smaller, rectangular pieces of patterned paper. We’ve opted for shades of orange, tan, and watercolor greens. These will be used as matting for one tiger-striped frame, one leaf-pattered frame, and one quote frame, but any jungle-themed paper pattern that catches your eye will work.
  3. Using your X-Acto blade, cut leaf shapes from green sheets of paper for a leaf-pattered frame, alternating between tones for added style. Sketch stripe shapes onto a sheet of brown paper, sized slightly larger than your orange matting and trace the shapes with your X-Acto blade. Lastly, use scissors to trim a simple rectangular shape.diy-jungle-book-frames-2
  4. Apply glue or double-sided tape to your leaves and stripes’ opposite sides and arrange onto your base sheets of pattered paper. The leaves and stripes should generously spill off the edges of your sheets, as pictured in the final product. Center your white sheet onto a patterned backing and scribble in your favorite quote from The Jungle Book.
  5. Let your paper crafts dry completely then fit them into your frames, fixing them to the glass with double-sided tape or small dabs of craft glue. (Note: if you opt for the glue method, lie a heavy book on top of your frame as it dries.)
  6. Your floating frames are complete! Hang them as they are, or add them to a bookshelf for a wild #shelfie.


Posted 4 years Ago
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