Be Our Guest: Haunted Mansion Halloween Party

Whenever we set out to do some Halloween decorating, the first place we think of for inspiration is of course Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. It has just the right amount of spooky, creepy mansion, but with some amazing Victorian embellishments and colors thrown in.

This year, we did all of our supply and decor shopping at Party City where we were able to find all of the ghoulish decorations, tablescape supplies, and costumes we needed for the ultimate Haunted Mansion-inspired Halloween party!

Watch the video below for inspiration, and find instructions for how to make each DIY and recipe on your own.

You can find all of the supplies you need to achieve this party decor and for each craft by visiting Party City’s site!

Happy Haunts Tablescape

The focal point of the grand hall on the ride is a beautiful, long table to host all of the happy haunts at their party. We wanted to replicate that table by adorning ours with as many vintage-inspired pieces as possible, with a little whimsy and spookiness thrown in, just like the haunted mansion.


What you’ll need from Party City:

  • White stretch spider web
  • Silver platters of different sizes
  • Colored wine glasses (they come in a few different dark colors that work well on this style of tablescape)
  • Skeleton vulture
  • Light-up skull candelabra
  • Punch bowl
  • Cheesecloth and netting
  • Black table cloth
  • Any other decorations you like!

To achieve a vibe like that of the Haunted Mansion, it’s all about layering. First, layer the table cloths, netting, cheesecloth, and spider webs as much as possible. Don’t worry about making it look perfect–it’s supposed to be kind of messy! Next, place platters, candle holders, and all of your bowls and plates around the table.

Pro tip: Add some levels by propping up some trays or decorations with books underneath the table cloth. This helps keep the tablescape from looking too flat and messy.

Finally, finish with the candelabra, the dead flower arrangement (instructions below) and the vulture, and any other decorations you want to throw in!

Haunted Mansion Macarons

These macarons are inspired by the purple and green of the uniforms castmembers wear on that ride as they show you into your “doom buggy.” The design is a mix of the Victorian touches throughout the ride like lace and wall coverings, with a few spider webs thrown in.


What you’ll need:

  • White icing
  • Purple and green macarons
  • Clear trays

Onto each macaron, pipe a different design inspired by Haunted Mansion decor. The designs don’t have to be complicated to look nice, do what works best for you!

Floating Candles

Remember toward the beginning of the ride where you see a long hallway with a floating candelabra at the end? This DIY is inspired by that chilling moment!


What you’ll need:

  • White flameless LED candles
  • Fishing line
  • Large sheets of thick white paper or cardstock
  • Hot glue gun

First, roll the paper into a tube that is the same width as the flameless votive candles. Use your hot glue gun to glue at the seam. Hold in place until the glue dries. Repeat for as many candles as you’d like to make.

Next, use the hot glue to secure the votive in place at the tip of one of the paper candle sticks. Then, use your glue gun to make faux candle wax drips around the whole candle so that it looks like the votive is dripping wax down the candle.

Finally, attach two long strings of fishing line to two sides of the top of the candlestick with a dot of hot glue. Tie or tape the other ends to the ceiling. Turn on the lights through the bottom of the candlestick.

Dead Flower Arrangement

One of the spookiest parts of Haunted Mansion is in the corridor of doors where you see the casket lid moving. There are lots of dried out, dead plants there, as well as on the table in the great hall. We needed a centerpiece for our party, and thought, instead of a beautiful bouquet, let’s make a floral arrangement from dead flowers!

What you’ll need:

  • Black roses
  • Vase
  • Battery-powered twinkle lights
  • Various sticks, leaves, and other dead flowers
  • Purple ribbon
  • Rubber bat
  • Hot glue

Arrange the flowers and sticks in the vase so that the tallest are in the middle, leaves and sticks stick outward from the center and hang over the edge of the vase. Next, string lights all around the floral arrangement and hide the battery pack down in the vase below the flower stems.

Next, tie the purple ribbon around the vase. Using the hot glue, glue the bat to the front of the vase like a ribbon. Finally, turn the lights on to add some extra twinkle!

Posted 4 years Ago
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