DIY: Mickey Mouse Club Shirt

M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E! Regardless of whether you ever saw The Mickey Mouse Club variety show or not, there’s a good chance you could recognize its iconic theme song. If you remember the tune, there’s an even better chance it’ll be stuck in your head today—the 61st anniversary of the day the show aired on TV.

For fans looking to celebrate the day and the mouse alike, this may be the DIY for you! Craft this modern twist on the original Mickey Mouse Club Shirt in a few simple steps.

  1. Round up the supplies listed above. You can download the stencil you need here.
  2. Print three copies of the stencil, cutting along the Mickey outline on the first, the middle dotted line on the second, and the outermost dotted line on the third.
  3. Prepare your paint by mixing two parts paint with one part textile medium* and slip a magazine or cardboard sheet inside your shirt to ensure that the paint doesn’t stain the other side of your shirt. (*Textile medium is a liquid that transforms regular acrylic paint into fabric paint. While it’s not essential to your tee shirt crafting, it’ll make your paint easier to spread and machine washable.)
  4. Center your first stencil on the backside of your T-shirt and begin filling in your stencil with black paint. For clean lines, brush inward from the outside of your stencil towards the center of the Mickey logo as pictured.
  5. Repeat with your other stencils to create the red outermost ring.
  6. Let your painting dry completely.


Once dry, you’re ready to iron on your letters.

  1. Fit your white shirt onto an ironing board and arrange your embroidered iron-on letters across the front.
  2. Lay a cloth over your letters and iron them onto the shirt.
  3. Flip the shirt inside out and repeat on the opposite side of the iron-on letters.


With the basics done, now you can add some fun flair. We rolled and sewed the sleeves of ours, then added a faux tag to the hem, embroidering a simple Mickey logo onto it, for an extra Mickey Mouse Club touch.



Voila! Your DIY shirt is ready to wear! Style it with black tights, flats, and a denim jacket for a retro look—or pair it with jeans for your next trip to the parks!

How are you planning on celebrating The Mickey Mouse Club anniversary? Share in the comments and tag #DisneyStyle on Instagram if you try this DIY yourself.


Posted 4 years Ago
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